Tricks in Dealing with Dubai Car Dealers

When it comes to the car buying negotiation game, there are certain cardinal rules that you have to obey. Knowing when to walk away from Dubai car dealers if you can’t get what you want can make a huge difference in your car buying experience and ownership.Dubai car dealers - pre owned cars dealer

If you are planning to buy a certified pre-owned car and this is your first time to embark on a journey of hunting down Dubai car dealers, this article will provide you with tips in dealing with them successfully.

When it comes to finding car for sale in Dubai, ignorance is not bliss. You have to arm yourself with information regarding the car you want to purchase. Since you are looking for a used car, use the internet, magazines and the Kelley Blue book as sources.

Figure out if there are any unadvertised dealer holdbacks and financial incentives that benefit the pre-owned cars dealer. A holdback pertains to the sales percentage repaid to the dealer by the manufacturer. This increases the dealer’s vehicle cost on paper and makes the car costlier than it really is. Your target is to take that money away from the dealer and place it in your pocket.

It is important to bring your research with you to the used car dealer in Dubai, including current rebates, market values, trade-in estimates and financing offers. A vital aspect of negotiating a good deal is to convince the salesman that you know what you are talking about prior to the negotiation. Establishing your credibility from the start will give the salesman a hint that you are not a pushover.

Your Budget
When pre-owned car dealers ask you about your budget or the maximum amount you are willing to spend, don’t answer them directly. Just say that the amount you’ll spend depends on the car and attractiveness of the deal. It is important to review your financial situation and determine the amount you can realistically afford. This way, you can make offers and counteroffers without having to make that calculation on the spot.

Time is Money
Dubai car dealers advertise special discounts at different times of the year and on some holidays, like Eid and Ramadan. If you can’t plan your purchase during one of these times, don’t lose hope as a number of dealers will give you those same discounts all year if you are on the go to bargain for them.

Bring a Friend
When visiting a car dealer in Dubai, it is wise to bring a friend with you. You can use him in a “good cop – bad cop” approach by acting as the bad cop and making you appear as the fair buyer. However, ensure that he is fully briefed on the role you want him to play. This will work in your favor if the sales manager is brought into the negotiation to break an impasse. He is more authorized than the salesman to reduce prices.

Dress Wisely
When looking for best used cars to buy, the way you dress can make or break you. Don’t give pre-owned car dealers the impression that you have money to burn because instead of saving money, you will end up losing it. The key is to dress casually, but professionally.

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