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As an iconic American luxury marque, Cadillac is easily a top favorite among car enthusiasts. It is marked by its precision-crafted engines, outstanding design, and sophisticated driving experience. If you’re thinking to buy a car in Dubai or have been browsing the internet for “Dubai cars for sale”, you’re on the right track. And this page has the answer.

The Elite Cars, being the leading luxury car dealership in the country, is known for our vast selection of both brand-new and pre-owned vehicles. Luxury sedans are just one of many that we have on offer. If you are a fan of Cadillac, visiting our showroom in Al Quoz would be a treat. You can consider ours as the “Cadillac Dubai Showroom” with our selection of Cadillac pre-owned UAE vehicles, you can never go wrong.

Our sales team will welcome you to our polished showroom which houses hundreds of brand-new and pre-owned luxury vehicles from different iconic marques including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, to name a few. We are a team of multilingual, highly knowledgeable and capable vehicle experts who can guide you from selecting your car to taking it home with you. With our complimentary services which varies depending on the make and model -- flexible finance options, convenient insurance plans, registration support, up to 5 years of warranty and 4 years of service contract, you can be confident that you are getting the most cost-efficient deal.

Cadillac UAE cars are a rare gem, that’s why we, at The Elite Cars, maintain our collection in its tip-top shape, and you can attest to how much effort we give in taking care of each vehicle when you pop into our showroom. Whether you are getting your vehicle as brand-new or pre-owned, aside from Dubai car prices and mileage, you can be at peace in knowing that we handle our cars expertly.

Precise craftsmanship, commanding performance, intuitive technology… these are just some of Cadillac features that make it an exhilarating drive each time, and we will support your interest by welcoming you in our showroom to discover more about your dream vehicles.

When purchasing a Cadillac or any luxury vehicle, all you have to do is research, get some references and read website reviews and find a good car dealer that can assist you on everything from start to finish, and that is what The Elite Cars is for.

Visit our showroom or our social media accounts to be updated on what we have in stock and know more about our latest promotions and offers.


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