Dubai & Abu Dhabi Luxury Cars

There are a number of new and pre-owned luxury car dealerships in the UAE, but what truly set us apart from the competition are the following distinguishing factors:

  • Competitive market prices
  • World-class customer service
  • Flexible finance and insurance options
  • Proven track record in the industry
  • Strong export capability
  • Established local and international presence

With extensive range of iconic models at our posh showrooms across the UAE, we offer a wide collection of marques and models to select from. Hence, you will find the one that perfectly suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

We also take pride in our friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual team of sales executives who make car shopping an exciting and stress-free experience. Along with a suite of complimentary services, including warranty, trade-in, flexible finance plans, convenient insurance options, and many more, we ensure nothing but your satisfaction with the car ownership.


We will buy your car within 3 minutes!

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Want to convert your car into cash quick and easy? We will give you an amazing deal and make the selling process a stress-free experience through the following:

  • Free consultation and evaluation
  • Quick turnaround
  • In-house team of experienced valuation professionals
  • Conveniently located in prime locations across the UAE
  • Luxurious facilities
  • Secure cash or bank transfer payment
  • Available express concierge service
  • A team of professionals from multicultural backgrounds
  • More than thousands of successful deals from individual sellers for 20 years
  • Comprehensive assistance
  • Approved by preferred banks


Offering a number of privileges to our valued customers, this has catapulted us to become a favorite dealer among locals and expats.

  • Extensive range of iconic models under one roof
  • Multiple showroom locations in the UAE
  • Competitive market prices
  • Exciting deals and discounts all year round
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Aftersales support
  • World-class customer service
  • Strong export capability
  • Convenient insurance options


If you think that your car is worth more than our offer, our consignment service offers the right solution. It gives you the following benefits:

  • Display your car at our showroom
  • High marketing efforts on your behalf for better selling opportunities
  • Over 30 walk-ins daily
  • Over 40 calls and emails daily
  • Conveniently based in multiple prime locations across the UAE
  • Strong local and international presence
  • Peace of mind with secure transaction
  • We've got your registration, approval and bank loan settlement needs covered from A to Z
  • Luxurious showroom facilities

happy customers

Elite cars is showroom.. the most excellent service you can get.. Personally I bough a car from them and am so satisfied with the car and the service. I would recommend Mr Tamer sales agent to take you around the showroom and satisfy your need. Try and you will never regret.

Issa Barakat

Excellent showroom and fantastic choice of cars. I will always recommend The Elite Cars to anyone looking for luxury cars with zero hassles post purchase. Tamer has been great and was personally involved in the entire buying process with me and handled all my queries and concerns very efficiently and professionally. I will definitely come back here for my next car purchase!

Nimmi Chopra

Amazing service, top quality and delivering on time Thanks  Bassel   for all  your effort  .

eva dobson

Hi i bought a used g63 amg from this shop. First of all the sells Representative Mr.Quasi was very nice and friendly and beside that their price were really reasonable. At the end I am happy i dealt with Elite Cars even though i search all through dubai but eventually i went back to them. Thank you Quasi and Elite

vahid eskandari

Excellent customer service and support provided by Tamer and the team at Elite. Very transparent and clear steps to conclude the transaction in a very customer friendly manner. Very highly recommended.


Thank you Qusai for the Amazing services, we are happy with our purchase


It was an amazing experience buying my second car with Tamer. I felt confident the first time that it was a very easy decision for me to see him again. He is very knowledgable, friendly, and honest. Thanks again to Sakeer for arranging the insurance. The registration was also taken care of!. Thank you again, Tamer, and Team.

Ricky Joshi

السلام عليكم كل الشكر للاخ ثامر على التعامل الطيب وشراء السيارة عن طريق الاخ ثامر

ali balhosh

Excellent service. Dealt with Mr.Tamer and their service was quick and quality.

Ahmad Harib

I'm very glad to have a best experience ever . That's how Dubai is looking Good, 🇦🇪  is Improving. The way how Mr Ayham has deal with us ,the way how Mr Ayham served us awesome. That is the secret of 🇦🇪. Thank U Ayham.


thank you Ayham for the best service , I am so happy with my new car


Best deal with Mr. Basel Talalini  , I really appreciate what he did. Thanks a lot. 100%


Great service. You are reasonably , Recommend Mr Bassel  . He's a great guy.


Elite cars is showroom.. the most excellent service you can get.. Personally I bough a car from them and am so satisfied with the car and the service. I would recommend Mr Basel  sales agent to take you around the showroom and satisfy your need. Try and you will never regret.

Christina mora

Nice showroom , Basel  very  nice and  very  professional   .


Buying Pre Owned Luxury Cars in Dubai

Pre owned cars in Dubai are not always the easiest items to purchase. Anyone can be easily misled as they might think the car they want is in perfect condition, but in reality comes with a number of underlying issues. It may have been involved in major accidents, it may have mechanical problems, it may not have service history, and the list can go on and on. Hence, we encourage you to observe due diligence whenever buying used cars for sale in the UAE.

The most crucial advice we can give you when buying used  luxury cars in Dubai is to be sure of the car that meets your needs, lifestyle and budget as well as to ask questions related to the purchase and the financing options. By conducting thorough research before making the final decision, the entire buying process will be smooth and easy.

Brand New & Pre Owned Cars for Sale in Dubai