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Aston Martin – The Birth of a Legacy

Aston Martin’s history is marked by innovation, quality, design and evolution.

Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913, this British luxury brand is the fulfillment of the dream to create powerful cars with a touch of luxury inside and out. However, it went through a long and difficult journey before it made a name for itself in the automotive world.

Prior to the production of their first-ever car, the company had to struggle to overcome the obstacles of World War 1, which prompted the founders to serve their country under different military branches.

When the war was over, the company was re-established in Kensington and revitalized with new car designs. Bamford decided to leave the company in 1920 and funding began to originate from a different source. Come 1922, it built cars that fared well in the French Grand Prix by setting world records in endurance and speed. Unluckily, the company faced bankruptcy in 1924 and was purchased by Lady Charnwood only to face the same issue the following year. Ultimately, the factory closed in 1926, which prompted Martin to quit the business.

That same year, the company was renamed Aston Martin Motors and got the support of different affluent investors. A renowned designer entered the picture and racers such as the Le Mans, 1929 Aston Martin International, and the Ulster quite reached success. In 1936, the company decided to build cars designed and suitable for the open road.

Introducing the Aston Martin Cars

Throughout the history of this British brand, there had been a variety of pre-war and post-war GT and supercars launched in the automotive world. Prior to the war, the automaker built models such as the Standard Sports (1921 – 1925), Le Mans (1932), and the 15/98 (1937 – 1939). After the war period, DB series cars were built, including the 2L Sports, DB4 GT Zagato, DB7 and DB9.

Supercars such as the V8 Vantage, which was touted as the First Supercar of Britain, was launched in the market from 1977 to 1989. It is acclaimed for its ability to reach speeds of up to 170mph. The trend during the 90s were the Virage, Vantage, and V8 Coupe/V8 Volante. With the Virage, the public welcomes the probabilities of a sleeker, contemporary design and enhanced acceleration.

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