New Jaguar F-PaceShowcases Its Might at Global Motor Show
The first family sports car of Jaguar accomplished 360° rings in just one day. This happened in the global motor show debut held in Frankfurt which began on September 17th.
F-pace the new Jaguar had been driven with extreme precision by Terry Grand, a British stunt driver. The car F-Pace raced using its especially built-in structure like the latest sports car derived technology and the most optimum safety features to accomplish the record-loop.
The director of design for Jaguar Cars, Lan Callum stated: “The F-PACE is an SUV having the soul of a sports car and it is quite unique. We took Jaguar sports car and prepared it family-friendly. The F-Pace can still show its performance even after sitting five people and their belongings in it. This car is specially manufactured for those people who love technology, driving and design. In short, this is an ultimate sports car.” Another specialty of this car is its lightweight, quickness and performance. The director of global PR communications, Fiona Pargeter said that the P-PACE is a family car which is fast, full of charisma and capable of completing the world’s largest loop. The F-PACE is built-in with the latest technology and has the advanced features of the world’s most advanced interior (in-car) entertainment system along with super-fast Wi-Fi Connectivity. After great planning and training as well as undertaking some precise angles, speed and dimensions, a team of experts, engineers and mathematicians was able to complete the tough task. Terry added that it was a great moment for him to drive the world’s largest loop. The light structure and the agility of the F-PACE gave him a tremendous confidence that he needed to complete the challenge.

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