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The Essence of the Night: Mercedes-Maybach's Night Series in the City

The Essence of the Night: Mercedes-Maybach's Night Series in the City

When Mercedes sets out to redefine luxury, it's a story worth hearing. Recently, this German automaker's ultra-luxury sub-brand Maybach added a captivating new chapter to its quest to redefine luxury, unveiling a remarkable design package known as the "Night Series". 

This exclusive package breathes new life into Maybach models, including their first electric vehicle, the EQS SUV, by embracing an innovative approach that fully employs "Flashes of Unorthodoxy."

A Dark Symphony of Design

The Night Series takes a bold step in crafting an ultra-luxury experience that defies convention. While the automotive world has witnessed a surge of blacked-out design packages in recent years, the Night Series stands apart by subtly embracing the dark side.

Instead of stripping these luxury cars of their chrome accents entirely, Maybach has chosen to darken them, including iconic elements such as the three-pointed star, the Panamerica grille panel, air intakes, and the emblematic badging. The result? A luxury car for sale that exudes an aura of sinister elegance, redefining luxury in its own unique way.

The Allure of Rose Gold

In the Night Series, it's not just about darkness; it's about nuance and detail. Rose gold elements have been woven into the tapestry of this exquisite design package. From headlamps to the key fob, this subtle touch adds a touch of sophistication that harmonizes with the rest of the package. Yet, the true showstopper is the exclusive gloss black wheels.  

Exquisite Exterior Details

The Night Series package is a symphony of dark and luxurious elements, starting with darkened chrome features, rose gold accents, and sleek gloss black wheels that immediately catch the eye. The wheels bear the Maybach emblem, adding a distinctive touch to the vehicle's exterior. These exquisite features are complemented by a selection of package-specific paint jobs tailored to each Maybach model, ensuring the vehicle stands out on any city street.

Luxurious Interior Options

The Night Series doesn't stop at exterior aesthetics; it extends its charm to the interiors of the Maybach models. There are several interior options to choose from, depending on your preferences.

All three models: Available with Black Pearl or white leather interiors.

Sedan and SUVs: Feature herringbone and aluminum trim, as well as infotainment systems loaded with special Night Series animations.

These interior options create a sense of exclusivity and sophistication that perfectly complements the vehicles' exterior charm. Whether it's the black/Black Pearl nappa leather or the crystal white and black-pearl color combinations with contrast topstitching in dark basalt grey, the Night Series interiors exude opulence.

Distinctive Design Elements of the Night Series

For those seeking additional distinctive touches, each Maybach model boasts its own unique design signatures within the Night Series package:

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV

Headlights: Adorned with rose gold Maybach emblems and dark chrome treatments.

Grille Panel: Dressed in darkened Maybach pinstripes.

Air Intake Inserts: Defined with a dark, chrome-plated pattern of the stunning Maybach monogram.

Side Windows: Generously edged with highly polished black in a captivating 3D design.

Sporty-Aerodynamic Trim: Enhanced by a rear and roof spoiler, while the black running board displays a subtle dark chrome Maybach emblem.

Interior: Carpeted with Econyl and features leather that is vegetable-tanned in crystal white or black with black-pearl color combinations.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Headlights: Radiate a subtle rose gold touch.

Dark Metallic Chrome Elements: Elevate the graceful and elongated profile.

Tailpipe Trims: Completed with a polished finish in dark chrome and black.

Interior: Offers two exclusive variants - Black with Black Pearl nappa leather or MANUFAKTUR deep white/black.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Side Air Intake: Adorned by the Maybach pattern.

Radiator Grill: Pronounced under the upright Mercedes logo.

Interior Options: Black combined with Black Pearl nappa leather or crystal white with Black Pearl accents.

Night Series: More Than a Car, It's a Lifestyle

But the Night Series isn't just about automobiles; it's a lifestyle. A collection of accessories by MAYBACH Icons of Luxury is available for purchase, including sneakers, bags, and eyewear, so you can immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Maybach world, even when you're not behind the wheel.

In a city that never sleeps, the Night Series by Mercedes-Maybach adds a touch of darkness to the opulence, crafting an experience that redefines luxury for those who crave nonconformist brilliance. The Night Series package embodies the essence of these remarkable Mercedes for sale, offering a fusion of style and substance that's simply unrivaled. It's not just a design package; it's a statement, a rebellion, and an embodiment of originality. 

So, as the Night Series cars begin to grace the urban streets, they carry with them the allure of a new luxury, where the night comes alive with elegance and sophistication.

Release and Availability

Enthusiasts can expect to see the first Night Series S-Class and EQS SUVs on the road before the year is out, with the GLS following suit in 2024. As these remarkable vehicles roll onto city streets, they are poised to become not just luxury cars but statements of unbridled style and prestige.

The Elite Cars - Where Uniqueness Meets Luxury

In the realm of luxury cars, Mercedes-Maybach has always set the bar high, and at The Elite Cars, we understand and appreciate the unique pull of these extraordinary vehicles. Just as Mercedes-Maybach vehicles redefine opulence, our philosophy at The Elite Cars has always been to offer our customers an exceptional and unparalleled luxury car experience.

The Elite Cars stands as a beacon of elegance and distinction. As a leading luxury car dealership in Dubai, we've always strived to mirror the exceptional qualities of Mercedes-Maybach in our services. 

Just like Mercedes-Maybach vehicles are known for their innovative designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and uncompromising quality, at The Elite Cars, we have always been dedicated to providing a level of service that mirrors these principles.

At The Elite Cars, we have a vast collection of both new and pre-owned Mercedes cars. Our selection of Mercedes vehicles perfectly complements the uniqueness and prestige that the Mercedes-Maybach Night Series embodies.  

Whether you're in search of the latest Mercedes models or are looking for well-maintained pre-owned options, The Elite Cars is your destination of choice. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that you experience the same level of excellence that Mercedes-Maybach vehicles offer, from the moment you step into our showroom to the instant you drive away in your dream car.

Come and explore our curated collection, and let us help you find the Mercedes that matches your unique style and desires!


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