Purchasing your luxury vehicle from us is only the beginning of our affiliation. Here at The Elite Cars, we aim to exceed your expectations by providing excellent, bespoke after-sales services for you and your luxury vehicle.

We offer a range of services including maintenance, repair, customization, warranty, and service packages. You will never have to experience the hassle of searching all over the UAE for a reliable car service center that specializes in luxury cars.

Located within the heart of Al Quoz area, you will find Elite Motors Services as a convenient workshop to have your prized possession serviced or repaired.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you keep your luxury car in the same exemplary condition as when you bought it, with our specialized luxury car aftersales service. Whether you are searching for a specific part or accessory, or your vehicle requires repair work; our highly professional technicians and customer service team will provide you with a service that’s second to none.

They specialize in the following:

Full Detailing & Valeting

Full detailing is designed to restore the showroom-look of your vehicle both in the interior and exterior while improving its value and increasing your pride of ownership. This service encompasses the following:
  • Eliminating bad odors in the interior
  • Deep cleaning of seats, surfaces and interior components
  • Fixing sticky buttons
  • Keeping the body panels lustrous and shiny
  • Wheels and tires cleaning
  • Headlights, taillights and exterior trim care
  • Paint care
  • Engine bay cleaning

Painting Service

Car painting is quite a tough and complex job, which when not done right can make the problem worse. Hence, entrusting this job to professionals rather than doing it yourself is still a better option. Our goal is to provide each car with the highest level of care and maintenance it needs to make it look brand new again and restore its market value. Included in this service are fixing dents, chips, cracks and the paint as well as painting rims and accessories with Black and Gray Edition.

Complete Auto Service

To provide you with a smooth, safe, and fun driving experience, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services suited to your specific needs such as washing, underchassis washing, and many more. Hence, you can always ensure that your car is at its best condition all season long.

Mechanical Works

Studies show that vehicle mechanical condition is one of the leading contributors to road mishaps. This is why from the smallest to the largest mechanical part, the inner workings of the vehicle must be in excellent condition. Included in our mechanical works service are the following parts:
  • Engine
  • Suspension & drive shafts
  • Steering
  • Gearbox & differentials
  • Exhaust system
  • Wheels & tires
  • Braking system

Car Tinting

To ensure your satisfaction and comfort every time you hit the road, we use high quality tinting films available in neutral standard shades as well as in 20%, 30%, 50% and 70%, which are compliant with the Federal Traffic Law.

Here are the benefits of our service:

  • Shielding against UV rays
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • Optimum heat rejection
  • Good light transmission & optical clarity

Car Modifications (body kits)

To customize the look and feel of your luxury car, we also offer a modification service exclusively for Range Rover models. We offer a wide range of body kits that will perfectly suit any model of this British make.

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