Rolls-Royce Unveils Its Latest and Rarest Collection
Rolls-Royce has recently launched its latest collection of special edition models. Named Adamas, which was taken from a word that can mean anything from ‘invincible’, ‘untameable’, and ‘diamond’, the collection is originally based on Black Badge editions of the Dawn and Wraith. According to the British luxury automaker, Adamas embodies the “darker side of modern craftsmanship” as the color black is the central theme of the collection. Adamas comes in two exterior paint finishes, each available in a two-tone setup. There’s Morpheus Blue, which is a blend of red and blue, and there’s Aphrodite Red, which is a blend of black and red. Rolls-Royce notes that the two shades create an irridescent effect, highlighted in part by a deep color transition extending throughout the body of the car. The Exterior Employing these two shades as the focal theme of the exterior details, the automaker added a number of black accents on top of the darkened accents already included in the models. For instance, the black grille vanes add another dark element to the already darkened front grille surround. Given that the Adamas Collection is limited edition by nature, the Spirit of Ecstacy hood ornament used on it was machined from 294 layers of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, a practice that usually takes up to 68 hours to produce for each figure. The Interior The work on the exterior of the Adamas is as meticulous as on its interior. There are also two-color schemes to choose from for the cabin–Cobalt Blue and Mandarin Orange. The dashboard clock frame also comes with 88 laboratory-grown diamonds that form a Black Badge infinity symbol. What’s more, the clock itself has a face that’s decorated with a polished aluminum inner bezel and machined aluminum chaplets. Those who prefer the Wraith Adamas can indulge in an exclusive headliner featuring 1,340 individual optic lights, forming what Rolls-Royce calls as “the molecular structure of carbon as it becomes a diamond.” So far, there is no mention yet of any engine upgrades on either of the two Adamas Collection models. Since the Dawn and Wraith models used in the collection are Black Badge versions, they already have an uptick in power. The Wraith is powered by a 6.6L V-12 unit that has an output of 623 horsepower and 641 pound-feet of torque. Meanwhile, the Dawn is not as powerful as the Wraith, but its Black Badge version gets enhancements in torque and power, amounting to 620 pound-feet of torque and 593 horsepower. Rolls-Royce unveils that only 70 units will be included in the all-new Adamas Collection, distributed between 30 Black Badge Dawn models and 40 Black Badge Wraith units. Source: