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Living in an expensive city like Dubai affects its resident’s attitude towards handling finances. While most indulge in luxury and lavish lifestyles, some opt to be practical and be smarter in their purchases. Whether it’s a real estate property, utilities and more so with vehicles.

Brand new luxury cars are undeniably elegant and worth the price, but when the budget is tight, people go with the second best option, which is used or pre owned luxury cars. The Elite Cars have been the leading luxury car dealership for new and pre owned cars in Dubai. Our topnotch collection and service have brought us a long list and wide reach of both local and expat clients.

Located in Al Quoz, our huge and well-polished showroom houses over hundreds of models from various iconic luxury marques including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and more. Once you enter our showroom, our sales experts will be welcoming you warmly and will initiate the process to assist you in getting your dream car.

Dubai pre owned cars are a popular option nowadays, and giving in to this demand, The Elite Cars purchases second hand luxury cars who met our high and meticulous standards. Each vehicle undergoes a detailed inspection and thorough process to be approved and certified. Once done, Elite Motor services, our partner for maintenance and repair, will do the necessary check-up to ensure that the vehicles are up to par to be displayed in the showrooms.

With this, you can be confident at how professional and cautious our team is in handling our vehicle collection. Rest assured that our services also matches the topnotch procedure that we do on our cars. Whether you’re searching online for “Bentley pre owned Dubai”, “Mercedes pre owned Dubai”, “Range Rover pre owned Dubai”, or “Audi pre owned Dubai”, you can find these all at The Elite Cars.

Aside from our top of the line maintenance and repair procedure, you can also bring your vehicles bought at The Elite Cars to Elite Motor Services with the endorsement from our sales team. This way, you can be at peace knowing that the experts who handle your car were the same ones who took care of it before your purchase. In addition to this, we have a variety of complimentary services depending on the car you will purchase.

If you’re searching the internet for “pre owned cars UAE” or “second hand cars Dubai”,  visit The Elite Cars and let us support you to make your best and smartest vehicle purchase. You can also check our available stock on our website or through our accounts on social media.


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