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Porsche Unveils a Station Wagon with a Few Firsts

Porsche Unveils a Station Wagon with a Few Firsts

Aiming to spice up its Panamera lineup, Porsche is adding 'Sport Turismo' variants for the 2018 model. These come as close to a station wagon as the German automaker is likely to get a nod to practicality, but with the sportiness and speed that fans anticipate.

The all-new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is closely identical to the current Panamera—which had a complete revamp this year—except that its roofline has been extended rearward to add more headroom and cargo space for rear occupants.

Although not spacious enough to haul furniture pieces, the Panamera Sport Turismo will be able to fit the equivalent of an additional big duffel bag in the back compared to the regular Panamera.

A center rear seat is also a useful extra, making the Sport Turismo the first-ever Panamera with seating for five. However, the extra seat gets compromised when the car is fitted with power-adjustable rear seats and the rear center console, which comes as an option.

The variable rear spoiler, which varies position depending on the car's speed to enhance aerodynamics, is also another first for the Panamera, and maybe, for the industry. This is not a new technology, but according to Porsche, the Panamera Sport Turismo is the first automobile to integrate it into the roof, as opposed to the trunk. The spoiler is claimed to offer stability and reduce wind noise when the sun roof is open.

The overall idea behind the Panamera Sport Turismo is to make a functional version of what was already the German automaker's most versatile car. This is why this sport wagon can also be configured with a cargo management system, which comes with two rails in the cargo floor to enable for anchoring luggage and other items.

Available in four versions such as the Panamera 4 with  330 horsepower; the 4S with 440 horsepower; the 4 E-Hybrid with 462 horsepower; and the Turbo with 550 horsepower, the Sport Turismo  made its world premiere at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show.

It will reportedly go on sale in the U.S. and elsewhere later this year as a 2018 model.



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