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Looking for Brand New or Pre-Owned Audi in Dubai?

Audi produces German model cars as part of the Volkswagen Group. The name is based on a Latin translation of the surname of the founder August Horch, the German word for ‘listen’ and we at The Elite Cars agree, that this brand demands attention. The Audi Group has long been one of the most successful car manufacturers in the premium and supercar segment. We cater to Audi fans and provide an array of knowledge on this sporty, sophisticated and progressive vehicle brand.

A Brief History Behind Audi

The manufacturers core belief driving development of each car lies behind it’s revolutionary engineering, setting it aside from competitors on the racetrack or open road journeys in Dubai. The story of Audi began in 1899 when August Horch founded Horch and Cie. He went on to build his first car which resulted in a disagreement between him and the board of directors. Soon after, August Horch became independent and created a second car company, the name ‘Horch’ was protected by trademark so he chose the Latin equivalent and became Audi. Throughout it’s history, each vehicle was inspired by a philosophy of elegant design and top of the line performance, without compromising on quality in any way.

At The Elite Cars, we under the passion that goes into this state of the art design and we appreciate the diligence required to purchase a used Audi in Dubai which is why we are here to help. Along with selling the luxury cars, we also offer information on Audi warranty, insurance options, Audi part exchange and more.

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