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Netizens Get a Chance to Name Maserati's Limited-Edition Vehicle

Netizens Get a Chance to Name Maserati's Limited-Edition Vehicle

Legendary Italian car maker Maserati is giving its fans the chance to name its limited-edition vehicle as part of a social media campaign to make a dramatic launch.

Social Media Campaign

In hopes to convey the edginess and sportiness of the new model, Maserati is sharing enigmatic campaign content about its upcoming high-gloss black Ghibli edition. The Modena-headquartered automaker is employing online fans to coin a name that represents the new edition and submit it through social media. It urges users to visit its website and submit two to three words that perfectly represent Maserati's brand history, Ghibli traits, and an edgier side of Maserati.

Campaign Video

The form attached to a video for the Maserati Ghibli and an accompanying campaign enables users to submit their entry. By clicking the "enter now" button on the Facebook video, users will be able to submit their name idea without having to leave the page. All they have to do is type in their submission and name as well as email, if it is different from their Facebook name. Then, a pop-up form appears with the three criteria boxes.

After users input their idea and information, they can submit them and either ex out or proceed to Maserati's website for more details.

Filmed in black and white, the Ghibli video showcases the edgier model with dark tones, ominous cinematography and an exhilarating score. In addition, the spot features different close-up shots of the vehicle with extremely dark lighting.



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