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Senior Service Advisor


We are currently looking for a Senior Service Advisor, is responsible for communicating with customers about their vehicle repair needs and relaying information to the Service Technicians. Their duties include greeting customers and helping them determine repairs and relevant costs, maintaining up-to-date knowledge about their employer’s range of services and contacting customers to update them about their vehicle’s repair status.


1. Effectively communicate with customers and determine automotive problems and services by listening to their concerns.

2. Enhance organization reputation by interacting and welcoming customers in the most professional manner; be presentable at all times by compliance to Dress code policy.

3. Conducting inspections; test drives; checking vehicle maintenance records; examining service schedules, etc.

4. Prepare quotations with accurate details and obtain approval from Workshop In-Charge prior communicating with Customers; Complete knowledge on Terms and conditions of the quotations in order to dealt with the customer efficiently; Negotiating quotation with the customers on pricing and jobs required.

5. Keep the customer updated with the work in progress for all the required services; always maintain the timeline committed to the customer unless if there is an added service agreed mutually.

6. Ensure to take prior approval from customers for all needed services and this shall be documented to avoid any complications that may arise.

7. Be transparent and genuine with customers (not overpromising) to win their trust and to maintain a warm business relationship.

8. Promote sales by maintaining healthy relationship with customers about new promotions, services, upsells, etc.; keeping customer updated with their vehicle status, follow up with customers on payments, deliveries etc.

9. Ensure the entire process flow of the workshop is carried as per the timeline and in coordination with Workshop In-Charge, Team Leaders, Accounts, procurement, etc.

10. Ensure all issues of the vehicles raised by customers are fixed prior to informing the customer on delivery and leave good last impression about the company.

11. Conduct vehicle inspections interior and exterior during the time of receiving and prior to delivering the vehicle; ensure the delivery on right time and in good condition.

12. Collects payments from customers at the time of delivery.

13. Continuously be updated on all car service-related topics, i.e. market competitors, new services, new tools, new machinery etc.

14. Update CRM system to record each customer interactions, vehicle service & maintenance tracking and sharing information among the team.

15. Timely updating “Job Card List” and ensure to review on daily meetings with Workshop In charge, team leaders, Accounts and Administrator for sharing information, scheduling jobs for the day, to resolve issues (if any), etc.

16. Work along with the team in terms of customer satisfaction, quality outcome, monthly achieving sales targets, etc.

17. Safely handle workshop vehicle keys and ensure to handover to customers in good condition during delivery.

18. Timely updating customer database, conduct feedback calls and offering services, promotions, etc.

19. Obtain the parts in cost effective and timely manner in order to avoid the delay in delivery.

20. Report submissions on Job Cards, Deliveries, Payments, Work-in-Progress, etc. on timely manner.

21. Report transparently the Human Resources Department or Senior Management on all major customer complaints.  

22. Follow the process flow for daily workshop operation and ensure to comply the related policies, procedure flow chart, etc. appropriately. 

23. Follow time to time instructions from reporting authority to successfully complete the tasks.

24. Cover the duties of Administrator as and when required; Act as a reliever for Annual Emergency leaves. 


  • An associate's degree in mechanics or a related field may be advantageous.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the automotive field.
  • A strong understanding of automotive technology and the automotive industry.
  • Excellent customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Strong organizational, decision making, and problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to communicate with mechanics, customers, and management.
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