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Sales Consultant


We are currently Looking to recruit experienced, talented and skilled Sales Consultants for our showrooms in DXB, who are result oriented by achieving set sales targets while maintaining expected standards, and excellent in Customer Service and Customer retention. The key responsibilities will include the following:


  1. Having comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the features, specifications and unique selling points (USP’s) of various models we are offering as well as any other models they are compared to.
  2. Actively seek new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking, social media etc.
  3. Pre-qualify a potential customer after thoroughly understanding their interest and requirements.
  4. Securing sales and qualifying buyers for purchase of the vehicle.
  5. Demonstrate vehicles to customers by explaining features and specifications with confidence.
  6. Create and maintain a positive customer-friendly sales environment and conduct sales discussions with them.
  7. Close sales deals by overcoming customer objections.
  8. Discover and pursue new sales prospects, negotiate deals and maintain customer satisfaction whilst ensuring to achieve sales targets (monthly and annually).
  9. Report all matters to the Sales Manager as and when required.
  10. Provide reports on customer needs, issues, sales figures etc. to the Management upon request.
  11. Upsell whenever an opportunity arises i.e. additional accessories for the selected vehicle.
  12. Expanding customer base and strengthening the loyalty of existing customers through suggesting trade-ins, greeting drop-ins, answering questions, accepting and acting upon feedback, recommending current or upcoming promotions and sales campaigns.
  13. Establish and maintain a follow-up system, which encourages repetitive business cum referrals and ensuring customer relationship building.
  14. Explain the process and timelines to the customer in depth until the delivery of the vehicle. Communicate the same in writing i.e. refund policy, finance deals processing timelines. The same is to be strictly followed by the Sales Consultant.
  15. Update customers of all accurate warranty and service details of the vehicle.
  16. Comply by the sales cycle for each transaction. Coordinate with each department involved throughout the entire sales process until delivery of the vehicle.
  17. Coordinate with the Marketing department for all ideas, suggestions, highlights of new vehicles, feedback from customers etc.
  18. All inquiries and leads are to be added to the company system.
  19. All communication with customers must be only via company provided tools i.e. company mobile phone, company email address etc.
  20. Attend to all leads forwarded to you in a timely and professional manner. Leads cannot be over-looked or disregarded. Each lead needs to be correctly contacted and responded to as soon as its been received.
  21. Appropriately update the company system for day to day sales activities and be updated of new arrivals, price changes, leads, vehicle specifications etc.
  22. Participates in sales meetings.
  23. Keep up to date with all car models, makes, new models to come out, pricing, competing dealers, market trends etc. Understand your competition very well for both competing dealers and competing vehicles against brands we sell and represent.
  24. Continuously upgrade job-related knowledge by participating in trainings, workshops, events etc.
  25. Always be honest and transparent with all customers and reflect the correct details of the vehicle regardless of what it is i.e. if the vehicle has been in a previous accident, inform the customer of this
  26. Completing the delivery orders prior delivering vehicles to customers to ensure it is in good condition and confirming if any additional requirements have been completed.
  27. Delivering the vehicle to customers ensuring to highlight all options and features in detail to the client. Additionally, ensuring that all tools and accessories belonging to that vehicle is explained and handed over to the customer.
  28. Continuously keep customers updated throughout the entire process until the car is delivered.
  29. Refrain from being over promising with the customers.
  30. After sales to be handled with diligence. All customer feedback to be taken seriously and be resolved in a timely manner. Continuous follow ups with the correct department is required until the matter is resolved.
  31. Understand all company policies and procedures i.e. test drive process, discount allowances, customer rotation process etc. A thorough understanding of this will assist to overcome objections.
  32. Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and retention throughout the sales processes.
  33. Work closely with the Finance & Insurance department for all deals being processed and keep up to date with the latest finance and insurance information on rates, processes, approved list etc.
  34. Coordinate with all departments professionally for necessary matters.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Business
  • 5+ years' of sales consulting experience in UAE Automotive industry.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work

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