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Procurement Officer


We are looking for a procurement officer to oversee purchasing activities and ensure that purchased items are both cost-efficient and of high quality. To be successful as a procurement officer you should have an analytical mind and keep up with product and service trends. Ultimately, a top procurement officer should be able to negotiate well and ensure that all purchases comply with company standards. The key responsibilities will include the following:


  1. Responsible for procurement of Automotive Spare Parts as per Company policies and procedures.
  2. Work on a strategic and proficient procurement system which will deliver optimum value for money, cost efficiency and quality.
  3. Prior to procuring goods, review and analyze all potential vendors/suppliers in the market and worldwide, their supplies, price options etc. for comparison and adhere to Company approved margins.
  4. Efficiently control the supply management. Monitor stock levels, stock age and place new orders according to the purchase cycle of each item and as per Company standards.
  5. When placing new orders, ensure to evaluate product turnover and check the model year of the parts which are required to be ordered; accordingly approach the store if additional information is required and obtain approval from Reporting Personnel prior to placing any new orders.
  6. Negotiate with suppliers to ensure it is cost effective, with quality standards and in line with the Company requirement; accordingly obtain the best currency conversion rate.
  7. Continuously keep an updated spreadsheet for supplier database and their qualifications, price lists, lead time, payment terms, etc. in the system and maintain all the related catalogues and brochures.
  8. Be aware of the delivery times for all suppliers and consider this when procuring items; order items in advance to meet the needs of the customer.
  9. Examine returned items for defects, follow the Company parts return policy and raise the claim to the concerned supplier.
  10. Work behind building credit facilities with suppliers and be aware of all agreed payment terms.
  11. Identify new business opportunities to expand the business and work behind representing a reputable brand.
  12. Research, study and have a clear understanding of the regulations, documentation, fees etc. involved in importing products from different countries. i.e. import and export codes.
  13. Follow-up on the shipments and ensure timely delivery of the same; Maintain a cordial relationship with the freighters for the services provided and ensure all shipments are insured.
  14. Follow all Company procurement related policies and procedures.
  15. Access requirements and evaluate products, services and vendors.
  16. Consult various departments and prepare specifications for items/equipment or services as required.
  17. Build relationships with existing vendors and identify new vendors to serve emerging needs.
  18. Conduct product and service quality appraisal.
  19. Prepare comparison sheets, monitor budget and track spend.
  20. Create purchase orders for requisitions of goods and services.
  21. Conduct cost-effectiveness analysis. Define value according to knowledge of market price.


  • 5 years of UAE experience as a Procurement Officer in automotive industry.
  • Degree in accounting, business management or a similar field preferred.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and purchasing software.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills.
  • Good analytical and strategic thinking skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Able to contribute positively as part of a team, helping out with various tasks as required.

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