Jaguar’s Electric E-Type Confirmed For Production
As per the increasing demand, Jaguar announced the confirmation of the production of the electric E- Type Zero, whose concept was revealed a year ago. As per the reports, the cars won’t be built from the scratch instead would be the conversion of existing E- Types with the work to be carried out by the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover Classic. The announcement of the production confirmation came ahead of the reveal of a second electric E-Type concept. Instead of the original concept in blue, the one displayed at the Quail: a motorsport gathering in Monterey, California is bronze. Currently, the Jaguar Land Rover Classic is accepting orders and expecting deliveries to start in mid-2020. Pricing and the final specifications are yet to be confirmed and the concept displayed is an indication of what to expect. The displayed model packs a 40 KW hour lithium-ion battery and 295 horsepower electric motor in the tight. As per the company, a high range of 170 miles is made possible as of the low weight of the car along with its slippery shape. Most of the hardware comes from the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV. The battery is mounted under the hood and is placed in front of the electric motor where the transmission is usually found. The single speed reduction gear and the new prop shaft sends power to a carryover differential and final drive. With the help of an electric powertrain with the similar weight and dimensions to the gas engine and transmission means the car’s structure including the suspension and brakes along with the driving characteristics remain unchanged. In addition to these, the whole conversion process is reversible and dashboards have also been updated with the digital instrumentation. LEDs have been also swapped into the headlight housing of the iconic series 1 E Type i.e those built between 1961 and 1968. Along with the electric conversion, the Jaguar Land Rover Classic is also offering reborn E Types. As per the reports, only 10 examples of the restored and refurbished cars coming under Series 1 E-Types starting at $355,000. Source: