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The rapid global spread of the coronavirus is having a major impact on all aspects of society, including the automotive industry.

The automobile leaders are coming up with creative ideas to recuperate the industry, support the current situation and pro-actively think of initiatives to further battle this challenging time.

In order to pay it forward, Jaguar Land Rover has begun production of reusable NHS-approved protective visors, with the goal of eventually producing 5,000 of the units a week.

The new visor has been designed at the Advanced Production Creation Centre in consultation with NHS staff, with Jaguar Land Rover initially aiming to produce 1,300 units per week using its prototype build operations. It will then work with other companies, including Pro2Pro in Telford to further increase production.

The visors have been tested by staff at the Great Western Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. The device is designed to be easily dismantled and cleaned so that it can be used again, helping to combat equipment shortages.

Jaguar Land Rover intends to make the open source CAD design files available to other manufacturers, so they can print further visors.