Jaguar C-X75 and Aston Martin Wrecked in Spectre

The total cost of the James Bond new Film “Spectre” has cost more than Three Hundred (300) million Dollars. In the movie, the destroying of $34 million cost of car has been shown. James Bond last movie, “Skyfall” had been released in 2012, October. Without any doubt, James bonds movies have been appreciated by a lot of movie-lovers and it’s not a new thing to know. To play the role of 007 Agent, it’s going to be the fourth Daniel Craig’s movie.

Same like the previous movie, ‘Spectre’ has made record for smashing cars; according to the stunt coordinator.One of the car scene had been captured in Rome, where 007 had been shown whiling driving the Aston Martin. In the scene worldwide famous luxury cars Aston Martin and Jaguar X-75 has been shown while colliding with each other and ultimately both were crashed. “­­­We made a record for demolishing of cars in ‘Spectre’. We spent millions of pounds. They were driving in the Vatican with the speed of 110 mph only for 4 seconds of film we shot for the whole night” Powell states.

Then the Aston Martin DB10s having an ejected seat were particularly made for the most worthy James Bond movie. Moreover, only three cars remained while the others have been wrecked. UK’s audiences will be the first to enjoy the movie ‘Spectre’. However, its world premiere will be on 26, October in London. Other fans of James Bond in United States and other parts of the world will need to wait for 10 more days as the movie will release on Nov, 6. 

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