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Italian Luxury Automaker To Use Electrified Drive on All Its Models Starting 2019

Italian Luxury Automaker To Use Electrified Drive on All Its Models Starting 2019

In a recent statement, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that every new Maserati would be equipped with some form of electric propulsion from 2019. He emphasized that the brand would now lead the way for the wider group's push to electric, which would see over half of FCA's range use some form of electric power by 2022.

FCA's brands, also including Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Dodge, will also benefit from the new electric plan. The CEO noted that Maserati would switch almost all of its investment in powertrains to electric after completing the development of its next two models.

The first new electrified Maserati is anticipated to be available in 2020 and will be based on the Alfieri concept that made its presence at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. This all-electric model is a two-seater sports car that will utilize a new platform.

Before then, the Italian automaker will hybridize a number of its current models, with the Levante SUV model most likely to launch a plug-in hybrid drivetrain to the range. Last year, Maserati Europe boss Giulio Pastore told Autocar that the current platform enabled for hybrid and they were working on it for 2019, when they would be ready to provide hybridization.

Marchionne said that FCA has been reluctant to invest in electric until now due to uncertainty, saying that they have been hesitant to adopt that avenue until they saw clearer the path forward.

In spite of being part of its planning process, the CEO will not spearhead FCA during this push to electric as he is slated to retire at the latter part of 2019.



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