Hands-free Super Cruise System to be Featured in All Cadillac Cars Starting in 2020
Just recently, GM has announced its plans to launch the hands-free Super Cruise advanced driver assist system to all its cars starting in 2020. When it was first featured in the Cadillac CT6 in 2017, the semi-autonomous system drew instant comparisons to Tesla’s Autopilot system. It utilizes cameras, mapping data, and LIDAR to enable drivers to get their hands off the steering wheel while driving on divided highways. However, it has an infrared on the steering column to ensure that the eyes will stay focused on the road. Super Cruise is a more all-encompassing driver assistance system than those offered by its rivals Volvo and Nissan. It is the American automaker’s way of doing away with old stereotypes and launching the brand to new customers. Apart from the system, Cadillac also mulls over offering vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication capabilities in an undisclosed high-volume crossover vehicle by 2023, with the aim of expanding the technology across the brand’s portfolio. Last year, GM unveiled that its 2017 Cadillac CTS sedans would have DSRC-enabled V2V system that would enable them to spot potential hazards such as disabled vehicles or slippery roads in its path. Source: https://bit.ly/2M1DNyV