Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin

Ready to own your first luxury car or thinking of upgrading to a better one? That’s amazing news! But the next questions are, which luxury car should you buy? What are the details that you should look for when considering getting your dream car? What things are needed to look into when acquiring a brand new or a used luxury car? And lastly, which car dealer to visit and trust to purchase it from?

The Elite Cars is the leading brand new and pre-owned luxury car dealer in UAE. With hundreds of luxury cars in our showroom, you can take your time selecting the best one that suits you. If you’re not yet ready to purchase a brand-new luxury car, a pre-owned or used luxury sports cars are your next best bet.

We thoroughly inspect the used cars that owners are selling us before approving them. We carefully check its maintenance and repair history along with its exterior and interior parts before approving and giving it an honest pricing. You can be confident in this if you choose one of our best used luxury cars for sale.

But if you’re up to check out our varied selection of brand-new luxury sports car or SUV, we know that it can be overwhelming and we understand that you are seeking outstanding and high-quality dream cars. Hence, our friendly, highly knowledgeable and multilingual sales team will guide you through the process and will confidently walk you through from brand to brand until you find your dream car when you visit one of our showrooms.

We have numerous luxury car brands like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and more, available in new and older models. In addition to this, The Elite Cars offers flexible finance options, insurance plans, registration support, up to 5 years of warranty and 4 years of service contract. Our luxury cars are always at attractive prices compared to other dealers, and you can be rest assured that you are getting the value for your money.

Visit our social media pages and website to be updated with all the luxury car brands and models available in stock or you can always pop into our showrooms and have a chat with our accommodating sales team to be more informed on our luxury cars – the brand and model you are interested in, our latest deals, cheap luxury cars for sale, services offered and more.