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How to Gear Your Vehicle Up for the Summer

How to Gear Your Vehicle Up for the Summer

Just a few months away, the Middle East will once again be gripped by extreme summer temperatures. In a quest to ensure that occupants and vehicles will be able to endure the hot season in a safe and trouble-free manner, Infiniti Middle East and RoadSafetyUAE have recently released complimentary car maintenance guidelines.

Tire Safety

One of the parts of the vehicle that typically bears the brunt of high temperatures is the tire. Poor wheel balance and alignment as well as improper inflation pressures take a huge toll on tire life and safety. By following these tips, you can rest assured to have a safe summer travel:

  1. Ensure to use branded and certified tires. Never fit tires which may be substandard and thus, potentially unsafe.
  2. Ensure to use the right tire type and dimension for your car. Refer to the owner's manual or ask experts for advice, if not sure.
  3. At least once a month, check the tire pressures using a calibrated gauge. The recommended pressures are indicated in the owner's manual or on a sticker typically attached to a fuel cover or door frame. Ensure that the pressures are checked when the tires are driven less than 3km prior to the check.
  4. To prolong pressure stability, inflate tires with nitrogen instead of air.
  5. Never exceed the load and speed capabilities of the tires fitted to the vehicle.
  6. Don't drive over or near hazardous objects such as potholes, glass and rocks that could damage the tires and make them unsafe or unfit for service.

Vehicle Fires

The soaring temperatures in the region increase the likelihood of vehicle fires. Follow the tips below to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

  1. Regular vehicle maintenance and inspection is critical to prevent vehicle fires.
  2. Check for cracked or blistered hoses, fluid leaks under vehicles, or wiring that is loose, has cracked insulation or has exposed metal.
  3. Don't throw cigarette butts anywhere.
  4. When you're driving, be observant of the changes in the way your vehicle sounds when running, or to a visible exhaust plume coming from the tailpipe. If you notice that there’s a backfiring exhaust, the exhaust tone is louder than usual and smoke is coming from the tailpipe, these could indicate issues or damage to the emissions control system and high-temperature exhaust on the vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance

The high temperatures and sandy conditions in the region make driving in summer a real challenge. To prevent accidents of breakdowns, vehicle checks must be conducted on a regular basis. The following tips will help ensure the best of health for your vehicle:

  1. Entrust your vehicle only to experts.
  2. Ensure to use genuine spare parts as they are manufactured to the highest quality and specifications to withstand the pressures of the internal engine environment. Using cheaper sub-standard parts can wreak havoc to the vehicle as well as its passengers.
  3. Take your car to a reliable and reputable service center to check your brake system.
  4. Make sure that the gas levels in the AC compressor and the filters are cleaned on a regular basis.
  5. Ensure that other essential fluids are at the right levels.


Image Source: Your Mechanic


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