James Day
Yesterday, I received my brand new Fiji White, black top, Range Rover Autobiography – my dream car – from The Elite Cars…….And now I have a major problem! ……. I want to purchase another car! After 8 years with the same vehicle, it is truly inconceivable that I would find myself searching The Elite Cars website, less than 24 hours after receiving my new Range Rover, looking for the “deal” on that exceedingly attractive white F type Convertible, ever so proudly displayed at the entrance to The Elite Cars. Scrolling through the Jag’s photos on The Elite Car’s website, I am already convinced; it almost has my name on it. No, of course I cannot afford it, but the purchase experience was so good, I just have the urge to return. I certainly don’t need another car. If only they sold ice cream, I would be back in an instant! My customer journey, managed throughout by the vivacious and positively supercharged Mr. Ali Mohammed, left me in no doubt that Elite are the dealer to watch in Dubai right now. Their selection of barely used and new premium vehicles are a schoolboys bedroom wall poster material, but that would pale into insignificance in Dubai’s high roller market, if it were not for the product knowledge, patience, and excellent ‘no pressure’ sales support that the ever so pleasant Ali, delivered, on my 2 visits to the showroom, and on his days off, even after the deal was closed and paid for! …..And during Ramadan! If you are looking for a fantastic car deal, a wonderful customer service experience, absolutely no regrets, and possibly some ice cream (if enough of us ask!)…..I would highly recommend that you talk to Ali.