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Dubai International Boat Show 2017 to Showcase Latest Advancements in Marine Technology

Dubai International Boat Show 2017 to Showcase Latest Advancements in Marine Technology

A number of breathtaking innovations in the marine industry will reportedly capture the fascination of visitors to the highly anticipated Dubai International Boat Show, which will take place from February 28 to March 4. All-new water jet technology and a pioneering mode of underwater travel based on a World War II design from Britain’s Naval Service will be among the many advances to be showcased at the gigantic event. 

Hydroflight sports' popularity is rising as fast as the water jet propulsion that powers the high-flying technology, and Dubai International Marine Club will become a showground for the latest advancements in the field.

Among the unparalleled line-up of suppliers and manufacturers making an appearance at the 25th edition of the show is Dubai-based Hydro Water Sports, founded in 2015 by experienced water sports and diving instructor Captain Karim El-Gendy.

He claims that water jet technology has created the latest generation of water sports, and hydro sports activities such as Jetpack, Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetovator provide enthusiasts with the ultimate experience in learning to fly.

“We’ve served 4,000 customers over the last two years and look forward to attending the Dubai International Boat Show again to meet marine industry experts from around the world who can help us grow our business," noted El-Gendy.

While hydroflight aficionados are flying high in the air, underwater submersibles are reaching new depths of the ocean up to 95 meters. The Dubai International Boat Show will offer the ideal regional debut platform for an array of submersibles capable of enabling researchers, filmmakers, offshore and surveying firms and other sub-marine explorers to work at extreme depths.

Dutch manufacturer Ortega was behind the development of the new three-seater, electric-powered Mk.1C, which can function both above and underwater. It was originally inspired by the "Sleeping Beauty," a submarine that enables British World War II marines to perform clandestine reconnaissance as well as attacks against enemy vessels.

Utilizing the latest in naval technology, these sleek and futuristic submersible boats are powered by specially developed batteries based on Tesla Motors technology, providing them with a range of 80 nautical miles or 11 hours of full throttle operation.

According to Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Events Management, Dubai World Trade Centre, the mission of the Dubai International Boat Show is to offer a holistic experience that appeals to a wide variety of visitors, demonstrating the latest developments in the marine industry.

She adds that the show will feature a wide selection of outdoor adventures ideal for anyone who loves to be near or on the water. "Our program of live music at The Beach entertainment area is expected to be especially popular this year and the show will give visitors the opportunity to try out various water sports such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and windsurfing."

Dubai International Boat Show has been the region’s leading stage for visitors to meet and interact with the marine sport. In line with the event's goal to open visitors' eyes to a new array of activities on the water, another attraction anticipated to wow visitors will be the Seabreacher Z, a dolphin-shaped watercraft which enables riders to explore the ocean above and below the waves.

The Seabreacher series of hand-built watercrafts, which are designed to push the limits of what people can do in the water, are developed over a decade of engineering and testing by New Zealander Rob Innes and his American partner Dan Piazza, founders of the Innerspace.

The great thing about each Seabreacher is that it is an exceptional creation, enabling customers to choose from an array of individualized options. At the Dubai International Boat Show, visitors will witness the debut of the dolphin-shaped Seabreacher Z featuring a fully retractable snorkel, which enables the pilot and a passenger to experience the thrill of high speed 360 degree barrel rolls, and jump 90° out of the water.

Apart from their submersibles, Seabreacher will also present their extensive line of watersport toys with displays of their daredevil machines: the Jetovator, Flyboard, Shred Sled, and the Freedom flyer.

A new class of boat is slated to impress show visitors, providing customers an exclusive mode of water transport.

Kormaran, an Austria-based manufacturer established by husband and wife Oliver and Jutta Kormann, will showcase their K7 First Edition for the very first time in the region, and is supported by over US$10mn of research and development.

With an exceptional design and world-first patented transformation technology, the Kormaran K7 can seamlessly transform between catamaran, trimaran and hydrofoil configurations without compromising comfort, a first for the small-mid range luxury boat segment.

Seabreacher, Ortega, Hydro Water Sports, Kormaran and a number of other marine industry exhibitors will showcase their latest innovations in Dubai along with the globe's premier luxury superyacht manufacturers as well as an international assembly of more affordable leisure and fishing boat makers, and leading suppliers to the Middle East's growing marina collection.



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