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Unfortunately, the vehicle you are searching for is currently unavailable in our inventory.

Know more about New and Pre-owned Land Rovers

Brand New Land Rover for sale in the UAE

The Elite Cars is a gateway to a world of luxury, culminating in a driving experience that's unparalleled. As a prominent luxury car showroom located in Dubai, We have our very own line of Land Rover collections, including the powerhouses 2023 Range Rover Velar S P250, 2024 Land Rover Defender 90 SE P300 and 2024 Land Rover Defender 110 HSE P400 X Dynamic, which stands out for its British engineering excellence and cutting-edge technology. This collection boasts the iconic Land Rover Defender, renowned for its unparalleled off-road capabilities; the elegant and versatile Range Rover Sport; and the sophisticated Range Rover Velar, among others. Each model embodies Land Rover’s commitment to superior design, unmatched performance, and advanced technology, inviting you to become part of an elite community that values the zenith of automotive adventure and luxury. The Elite Cars is committed to offering outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and extensive car customization services, ensuring a premium vehicle purchase experience.

Pre-owned Land Rover for sale in the UAE

Besides new models, The Elite Cars also offers a meticulously curated selection of pre-owned Land Rover vehicles that continue to exemplify the brand's dedication to durability, luxury, and exceptional off-road performance. Opting for a pre-owned Land Rover enables you to experience the thrill of owning a vehicle that's built for adventure and designed with elegance, all at a more accessible price point. Choosing a used Land Rover in Dubai from The Elite Cars signifies your inclusion in a discerning community that appreciates the essence of rugged luxury and unparalleled performance. Additionally, Elite Motors Services provides exceptional maintenance and care for your Land Rover, whether new or pre-owned. Specializing in Land Rover maintenance in Dubai, our team of experts ensures your vehicle remains in pristine condition, promising a superior ownership experience. Embark on extraordinary adventures with a Land Rover from The Elite Cars, where every journey is an invitation to explore the world in unparalleled luxury and comfort.


Land Rover's lineup, including the Range Rover Defender, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, and Discovery, all offer exceptional off-road capability. The Range Rover Defender and Discovery offer luxury with off-road proficiency, the Velar balances sleek design with terrain adaptability, while the compact Evoque provides surprising capability. 

However, the "best" choice varies based on individual requirements, budget, and personal preferences. No matter your choice, The Elite Cars guarantees an unrivaled buying experience, pairing our extensive knowledge and superior customer service with your quest for the perfect Land Rover vehicle.

Whether you're eyeing the Range Rover Evoque 2.0T S (200 PS) AWD, the most affordable new Land Rover offering in the UAE with a price starting at AED 215,145, inclusive of VAT, or considering the splurge on the upper echelons of luxury with the Range Rover Sport 5.0L V8 SVR (575 PS) priced at AED 629,370; your quest for perfection finds its destination at The Elite Cars. 

Our commitment to offering exceptional value and unrivaled customer service ensures your journey towards owning a Land Rover, no matter the model, is as premium and distinctive as the vehicle you choose.

The 2023 Land Rover Discovery, a 7-seater marvel of craftsmanship, awaits you in the UAE within an enticing price range of AED 232,785 to AED 327,495. When you select The Elite Cars as your trusted partner in this acquisition, you're not just buying an SUV; you're embracing a lifestyle. With us, you're guaranteed a purchase experience as seamless and enjoyable as the ride in your new Discovery.

Undoubtedly, Land Rover vehicles are the quintessential choice for off-road adventures in Dubai's challenging desert terrain. Known for their unrivaled durability and robustness, Land Rovers are purpose-built to tackle varied landscapes from towering sand dunes to rocky trails, effortlessly.

Each Land Rover model is equipped with advanced off-road technologies, delivering a level of performance and control that allows you to explore the UAE's vast desert with confidence and comfort. Moreover, their commendable fuel efficiency ensures that your adventurous journey isn't cut short.

Choosing Land Rover signifies embracing the spirit of adventure and exploration. When you choose The Elite Cars, you invest in an outstanding off-road car as well as a lifetime partnership that guarantees exceptional care and support throughout your ownership journey. When it comes to navigating Dubai's majestic deserts, there is no choice better than Land Rover from The Elite Cars.

Land Rover's safety approach is robust and holistic, blending cutting-edge technology with first-rate engineering. Each model is fitted with active safety technologies like Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning, aiding drivers in navigating diverse driving conditions.

In the event of a collision, Land Rover's passive safety features – robust body structures, airbag systems, and secure seatbelts – provide superior protection. Additionally, child safety is enhanced with advanced ISOFIX mountings for child seats.

Land Rover continuously refines and tests their vehicles under various conditions to ensure unwavering safety. When choosing a Land Rover from The Elite Cars, you're not just buying a vehicle, but securing a journey underpinned by utmost safety and peace of mind.

Land Rover SUVs offer notable towing capabilities. The Land Rover Defender and Range Rover models can tow up to 3,500 kg (7,720 lb). The Land Rover Discovery outperforms, with a capacity of 3,720 kg (8,200 lb), while the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Velar can handle 2,000 kg (4,410 lb) and 2,500 kg (5,510 lb) respectively. 

The compact Range Rover Evoque can tow up to 1,800 kg (3,970 lb). All these models come equipped with Advanced Towing Assistance technology, boosting stability during towing. The Elite Cars are here to assist you in choosing the Land Rover model that meets your towing needs without compromising luxury.

At our dealership, we offer a range of luxurious Land Rover models to cater to different preferences and needs. Some of the available models include:

  • 2023 LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 TROPHY - AED 1,499,000
  • 2023 RANGE ROVER P530 - AED 799,000
  • 2022 RANGE ROVER VELAR SE P250 R-DYNAMIC - AED 329,000
  • 2022 SPORT AUTOBIOGRAPHY P525 - AED 529,000

Please note that the availability of specific models may vary, and the prices mentioned here serve as a general reference and may not reflect the exact cost of a specific model.

 The prices of the cars available at our dealership can vary depending on various factors such as mileage, whether they are brand new or pre-owned, additional upgrades, customization, and more.

To obtain financing for a Land Rover purchase at a dealership in Dubai, follow these steps:

Choose a dealership: Select a dealership that offers financing options or works with various banks and financial institutions.

Apply for financing: Provide personal information, including salary, employment history, and credit score, through the dealership's assistance.

Get approved for financing: If your application is approved, you'll receive a loan agreement detailing the terms, such as interest rate and monthly payments.

Sign the loan agreement: Read and understand the agreement, then sign it to finalize your financing.

Requirements for obtaining financing include being at least 21 years old, having a valid UAE visa, a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000, a good credit score, and providing proof of income and employment.

The price range for pre-owned Land Rover models in Dubai varies based on factors such as model, year, and mileage. On average, you can expect to find pre-owned Land Rovers in the price range of AED 50,000 to AED 1,500,000.

In terms of price comparison, pre-owned Land Rover models generally offer a cost advantage compared to new Land Rover models. On average, pre-owned luxury cars are priced around 50-70% lower than their new counterparts. However, it's important to note that the exact percentage difference will vary depending on the specific Land Rover model, year, and mileage.

At The Elite Cars, we take great pride in offering pre-owned Land Rover vehicles of exceptional quality. Each vehicle in our inventory undergoes a rigorous inspection and testing process conducted by our certified technicians. We ensure that every aspect, from mechanical performance to interior features and body condition, meets our high standards. 

Our commitment to providing reliable and well-maintained pre-owned Land Rover vehicles set us apart from the competition. With The Elite Cars, you can have confidence in the quality and condition of our pre-owned Land Rovers, as we strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience.