BMW Unveils First of Its Kind All-Electric SUV
The recently concluded Beijing Motor Show was the perfect platform for BMW to unveil its iX3, the luxury automaker’s first fully electric SUV that will reportedly be mass produced starting 2020. Touted as a world-saving vehicle, the iX3 is said to crank out 270 horsepower and BMW estimates that it will have approximately 250 miles of range on every charge of its 70kWh battery pack. The electric car will be based on the X3 compact SUV’s design and will be able to go further on a single charge than BMW’s first attempt at an all-electric car, the i3, which reached 113 miles. The carmaker used the Beijing Motor Show as the platform for a critical reason: it is selecting China as the country where the iX3 will be manufactured–the first major export from BMW’s Chinese production site. BMW did not announce the iX3’s price at the event, but it could cost less than Tesla’s fully electric SUV, the Model X. While the iX3 is making news today, it is not the sole fully electric vehicle in the pipeline for BMW. According to the carmaker, it will offer 12 fully electric vehicles, including the i Vision Dynamics, iNext, and Mini by the year 2025. Source: