BMW to Replace the Airbag Module
BMW in US is swapping the airbag module, set in the passenger’s side. The airbag will be changed in more than 6000 cars in US, since they had some issues from the manufacturer’s side. 2014-2015 i3 and 2014-2016 Mini Hardtop are included in the affected modules. Moreover, Hardtop 2015-2016 Hardtop, Cooper-S, and 4 Door Cooper are also included in the affected module. Since the components related to the airbag has a slight manufacturing issue, so they were unable to organize with enough restraint during the collision. BMW hasn’t noticed any accidents or injuries due to the problem. However, this is a safety concern so the company spokesperson David Buchko stated that we will notify our consumers soon, and the problem will be solved without any expanses.

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