BMW 2002 to be Honored at BMW CCA Foundation Museum
The BMW 2002 is a revolutionary, iconic sporty model which has won the hearts of many luxury car lovers. Marking the 50th anniversary of this little two-door four-seater RWD with a trunk machine, the BMW Car Club of America Foundation is putting together an exhibit at its museum in Greer, South Carolina. BMW 2002 has been chosen to be honored at the exhibition and is open to the public from 18th of May until January 2019. This two-door sedan is lightweight, can be handled with ease, comes with good brakes and has enough power to be quick. Its lineage is traced back to more than 50 years. Initially, its life started way back in 1966 as a sporty, lightweight car designed to slot in below the New Class Sedans in the model line-up. The exhibit is said to feature 24 exceptional 2002s along with 2002 related art, memorabilia and rarities which people have not seen before. Source: