Shortly after its establishment in Dubai, The Elite Cars has gained a phenomenal reputation which catapulted us to become one of the fastest growing luxury car dealerships in the region. The outstanding quality of our products, competitive market prices, world-class customer service, and strong international presence have paved the way for us to become a force to be reckoned with.

One of the key factors that enabled us to achieve this milestone is the prowess and passion of our founders. Originating from multicultural backgrounds and with a number of talents to bring to the table, their mission is to dominate the motoring industry through devising revolutionary approaches and strategies in the business.

To date, we have multiple showroom locations across the country and had recently launched our flagship showroom in Abu Dhabi, which houses the most iconic collection of supercars, hypercars, exotic cars, and luxury cars from different marques. Hence, we offer nothing but the widest variety of options to suit every customer’s taste, lifestyle and budget.

To create a distinction in the competition, we want to be known as an organization that not only sells iconic cars, but a place where dream-come-true moments are made and the journey to pleasurable road trips begin.

Visit us and discover the True Definition of Luxury.

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I have just bought my 5th car from Qusai within only 5 months and every time the service is more amazing than the one before .. Thank you so much Qusai

Sofiane El Harrak

من افضل السيارات الي افضل خدمة حاب اشكر السيد ملهم و السيد مهند على روحهم الطيبه و المرحه و على تسهيل جمييييع الاجراءات ابتداء من اختيار السياره الي تسليم المفتاح شكرا على الخدمة الاكثر من رائعه

Saif Aldhaheri

Very good service! The car was delivered before the schedule. All thanks to Mr. Tamer.

Taher S

اليوم استلمت سيارتي الرانج من معرض ايليت وتامر سلمني السيارة خلال اقل من ٢٤ ساعة

Yaman Alshatti

Many thanks to Mohammed Al Saidi for helping us pick our next luxury car and to Mohannad for facilitating the transfer to Abu Dhabi.  All questions answered and no effort spared to make it a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended!

El Zyr

5 stars well deserved to Mohammed Alsaidi. Very informative salesman and extremely professional. I will definitely visit soon!

Sabaa Abuesibeaa

Great Showroom. Very nice atmosphere, and a fantastic service from Mr. Mohammed Alsaidi. Very professional young man.

V Sundaresan

Received the best service from Emir, I purchased a car from him! I have never gone to the showroom. He showed me the car through Whatsapp, he was very professional. I received my car and I’m very happy with the car. Exactly what I wanted!

M Jamal

It was very good service before the sale and after. Shukri did more than 7 stars services, love it!


 Amazing showroom, amazing cars and amazing service. Much more than what I expected. Special thanks to Emirhan for taking care of us, very professional, always kept social distance and was able to explain the car perfectly.

Vince G