Shortly after its establishment in Dubai, The Elite Cars has gained a phenomenal reputation which catapulted us to become one of the fastest growing luxury car dealerships in the region. The outstanding quality of our products, competitive market prices, world-class customer service, and strong international presence have paved the way for us to become a force to be reckoned with.

One of the key factors that enabled us to achieve this milestone is the prowess and passion of our founders. Originating from multicultural backgrounds and with a number of talents to bring to the table, their mission is to dominate the motoring industry through devising revolutionary approaches and strategies in the business.

To date, we have multiple showroom locations in the country and had recently launched our Posh Lounge on Sheikh Zayed Road, which houses the most iconic collection of supercars, hypercars, exotic cars, and luxury cars from different marques. Hence, we offer nothing but the widest variety of options to suit every customer’s taste, lifestyle and budget.

To create a distinction in the competition, we want to be known as an organization that not only sells iconic cars, but a place where dream-come-true moments are made and the journey to pleasurable road trips begin.

Visit us and discover the True Definition of Luxury.

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Truly the best place to buy a car in Dubai with a 5 star service from the entire Elite team and especially from Abdin Tamer who is a unique car sales man and the best i have ever encountered.

Asseel Abdulrahman

Great service from start to finish. Excellent range of cars, Jeremy knowledgeable about the cars I was interested in and was able to guide me to an excellent choice. Thanks again.

Jonathan Wood

Appreciate the great service provided by Tamer, everything been explained perfectly. very satisfactory.

Krikor Ohanian

i am so happy to be dealing with Elite Cars and mr Tamer. i bought the car from him and he advised to me to buy a Maserati. thanks Tamer

Alaa Jarkas

I had a wonderful experience at Elite Cars, especially with my sales counterpart, Alexander Feather, who demonstrated an incredibly in depth knowledge in the 4×4 space that ultimately led to my Range Rover purchase. The level of professionalism is unparalleled and the quality of service is excellent.

Mohammed Afkhami

I have dealing with your sales executive Aiham Alfadel nice guy helpful and very sincere hard working. Good job and sales experience.

Rohit Kakde

Jeremy is very helpful advise and strong skills solving my enquiries based on the car features. Great comparison on benefits vs value for money. And lastly as I said, without his advise I won’t be buying the car as I was looking for a different size.

Ricardo Razeto

Well….all I had to do was source the funds….and Elite did the rest!!! So easy… can’t go wrong with Elite and especially Ecaterina!!!!

Clarence Leu

AIHAM has been amazing throughout the purchase process, always available ,always smiling and a pleasure to deal with. i would like to thanks him sincerely for all of the effort and support in the purchase of my vehicle .


Website is designed and organized in structured way . User free , easy to access . Great work.

Eswaran Badrinarayanan