2019 Bentley Flying Spur Will Have a Much-Anticipated Fresh Design
Bentley fans are now in the lookout for the upcoming four-door Flying Spur, which is due next year. It will reportedly have a new design and be the last Bentley to be unveiled before the automaker fully reinvents its cars for electrification. The Flying Spur will be the British marque’s answer to the likes of its rivals, Mercedes-Maybach S600 and Rolls-Royce Ghost. It will start a shift in style away from the iconic Continental GT and bring the curtain down on Bentley’s current design prior to the introduction of a new look for the company, most likely on its first-ever electric model. The body styling of the Flying Spur follows the themes of the Continental GT, but comes with sharper swage lines and more distinctive surfaces. This is something that has typically been a challenge with aluminum body panels. The new Flying Spur is anticipated to have a full range of engines, including Bentley’s powerful V8 and W12 options as well as a plug-in hybrid based around a V6 petrol engine. Hybrid options are said to be the key in boosting the car’s sales particularly in China. A Speed variant is also said to crown the range soon and will come with a higher-performance engine that will also power the Continental GT and GTC. Source: https://bit.ly/2InnrSb