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The Bentley Bentayga is the Bugatti Chiron of SUVs

The Bugatti Chiron can do everything, but the Bentley Bentayga can do it all. Basically, Volkswagen can do it all, as long as you have a lot of cash hidden underneath your pillow. Here’s a quick summary on how Bentley made its first supercar SUV: The Bentley Bentayga is not just an Audi Q7 wearing a different shell despite sporting the same electromechanical active roll stabilization as the TDI SQ7. Instead, Bentley spent a lot of money and time by creating something that can make you forget about all the fully loaded Porsche Cayenne Turbo’s on the road, and an SUV that will also take on whatever Rolls-Royce is cooking up in their kitchen at the moment.

On the roads, this all-wheel drive all-terrain giant that will reach 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds flat and keep on going until it hits an incredible 300.94 km/h. That’s just insane. What’s the heart of the Bugatti Chiron? A 1,478-horsepower quad-turbo W16 monster. What’s in the Bentley Bentayga? A new twin-turbo W12, with 600 horses and impressive 663 ft-lb of torque.

This SUV will fly through everything even if you rip parts off it in the process, because it needs to. The clients who buy these things often live next to sand dunes like Dubai or in countries where roads can tear an economy car’s wheel off if you hit the wrong pothole, but don’t worry - Bentley got you covered even if you need to go deep into the woods at night with some gardening equipment at the back for some reason.

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