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Range Rover that Took Prince George Home from Hospital Sells for £80,000 in Auction

According to reports, the Range Rover used by Prince William to take home the newborn Prince George from St. Mary's hospital sold for £80,000 in a charity auction. Proceeds from the sale of the car, which is currently in the highest specification available, will go to Sunscreen IT and Stand Down. The former is a supplier of technology and computer training to the developing world, while the latter supports armed forces veterans and members, as well as their families, in the event of psychiatric injury. It is anticipated that the Range Rover will raise at least £100,000.  

The Range Rover Vogue SE boasts an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a 4.4L diesel engine that cranks out 334bhp. The driver and passengers will enjoy this luxury car's standard features such as mood lighting, heated rear seats as well as a touchscreen that displays navigation information to the driver while simultaneously showing TV shows to the passengers.

Apart from these high-end features, the car also has a panoramic sunroof, electronic folding towbar, and five parking cameras. Plus, the winning bidder now owns a car that has a piece of British royalty history.

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Image Source: The Telegraph