Infiniti—The Luxury Marque with Human-Centric Design

More than three decades ago, Nissan ventured into the creation of an innovative luxury brand designed to pursue the ideal gauge of artistry, performance, and power. The mission of the Japanese automaker was to challenge the existing European and American luxury brands featuring more human-centric design.

This paved the way for the birth of INFINITI. In 1989, the brand initially launched with 51 dealers in the United States, and the two available models at the time included the performance-oriented M30 coupe and the stunningly powerful Q45 sedan.

Among the notable advancements of this Japanese creation include the following:

  • Intelligent Cruise Control – This is designed to detect the traffic ahead and automatically adjust your speed to maintained your desired distance.
  • Refined Reversal – The RearView Monitor offers a more intuitive way to reverse through revealing a different perspective with the use of external cameras to bring what’s behind the vehicle into view.
  • Voice Recognition – Offering a breakthrough in safety, this feature enables you to take command of your car’s settings without getting your hands off the wheel.
  • Lane Departure Warning – This cutting-edge system senses when you’re about to cross the divider lines without signaling and alerts you prior to making the move. Hence, this dramatically enhances your safety on the road.
  • Elevated Parking Experience – In 2007, INFINITI launched the world’s first-ever Around View Monitor which enables access to a virtual 360˚ view of the vehicle as it is being maneuvered.

There’s no doubt that INFINITI is one of the top contenders in the automotive luxury segment in the 21st century. If you are dreaming to own this marque, we are the leading luxury car dealer that you can rely on. With our wide collection of pre-owned and new INFINITI models in stock, you can pick and own the one suited to your needs and requirements.

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