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GMC – The Ultimate Leader in Heavy-Duty Trucks

With over a hundred years’ industry legacy, GMC has proven itself as the leader in the creation of the world’s most heavy-duty trucks ranging from commercial trucks, to service trucks, and pickup trucks, as well as vans, crossovers, and SUVs. It’s history started with a commercial hauling company established in 1902 by Max Grabowsky named the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company.

In 1909, General Motors (GM) purchased the business in a mission to form their own trucking firm, which was eventually called General Motors Truck Company. Two years later, they added Reliance Motors to their inventory. The following year, General Motors Corporation (GMC) was established out of those acquisitions.

In that year, the company produced 372 trucks out of the nationwide total of 22,000, which pales compared to the millions of commercial vehicles they manufacture today. However, it is worth noting that GMC was a precursor in battery-powered electric model trucks and made nine various models which range from a capacity of one-half to six tons.

In a mission to revive their fame, GMC Trucks launched a publicity stunt in 1916 featuring one of their models. A loaded GMC 1-1/2-ton truck was driven by William Warwick from Seattle to New York and back, paving the way for it to set the record as the first-ever truck to cross the entire USA in just less than 32 days.

Fast forward between 1970 and 2012, the company continued its production, overcoming a number of changes and hardships in production lines, skyrocketing production costs, contention from overseas companies, fuel shortages, recession and deregulation problems in 1980.

Among GMC’s high points include landing on the third spot in truck production in the United States, being selected as the official truck of the 1984 Olympics and diving into the trend of using electronic fuel injection in 1990.

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