The Top 5 Reasons for Bad Driving Habits in UAE Revealed
Being caught up in a traffic jam is a bad experience already. How much more if you are driving together with rude motorists? Just recently, Road Safety UAE and i-Insured commissioned a study that looked into the most common mistakes carried out by bad drivers and the reasons behind them. According to Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President Retail i-Insured, this question is being actively discussed among UAE residents and there are surely a lot of subjective opinions. He pointed out that the goal of the survey was to gather professionally researched data points to help simplify the efforts of the involved stakeholders in striving to make UAE’s road safer. In the survey, the respondents complained the lack of knowledge and low education concerning polite and caring behavior. Deliberate acts (37%), followed by anonymity in vehicles (36%) also scored high. The study, which was conducted in February of this year, was based on the views of a representative sample of 1,004 UAE residents. It further unveiled that 90 percent of drivers consider themselves as polite and caring drivers while only 34 percent consider other drivers as well-mannered. So far, 72 percent of the drivers claimed that the UAE has a positive driving culture, which was shared by 82 percent of Arab expatriates and 40 percent of Westerners. In a statement, Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of Road Safety UAE, said that raising the right hand like Westerners might be seen differently by other demographic groups, where hand signs can be misconstrued. He stressed that if a little nod of the head is the right way for Arabs and/or Asians, this might not be seen by Westerners. Here’s a list of the most unfriendly acts on the road as cited on the survey by the respondents.
  1. Swiftly changing lanes – 42%
  2. Speeding – 38%
  3. Bullying and aggressive driving – 37%
  4. Lack of use of indicators – 36%
  5. Jumping the queue – 33%
  6. Cutting in front or behind you – 32%
  7. Tailgating – 22%
  8. Lack of consideration for pedestrians – 17%
  9. Lack of consideration for trucks and buses – 14%
  10. Lack of consideration for motorbike riders – 13%
  11. Lack of consideration for bicycle riders – 12%
  Here are the top reasons behind those unfriendly acts:
  1. Time pressure and running late – 50%
  2. Different cultural and ethnic backgrounds make a common form of politeness impossible – 42%
  3. Lack of proper education and awareness concerning polite and caring behavior on the roads – 41%
  4. General lack of overall politeness – 40%
  5. Motorists do not know the meaning of having a polite and caring behavior – 37%
  6. Deliberate acts of being impolite and aggression – 37%
  7. Motorists’ anonymity inside of cars makes it easy for them to misbehave – 36%
  8. Being polite and caring on the roads is not important – 16%