RTA Issues Vehicle Status Certificate for Checking Used Car Status

The Road and Transport Authority in Dubai has recently launched the Vehicle Status Certificate for used cars to increase the response and awareness among buyers. The vehicle status certificate includes the main and historical data of the car and this information helps protect drivers from malpractices.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, the Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, perceives the launch of Vehicle Service Certificate as a novel and unique addition to used vehicle licensing. A thorough information on the insurance history and validity, vehicle condition during the annual process and other necessary information are included in the vehicle status certificate.

The applier needs a VIN number to use this service and no other documents are required to avail the vehicle status certificate. The service can be used by both companies as well as individuals.

The applier has to follow the below steps to avail the Vehicle Status Certificate from RTA:

1) The applier should visit https://goo.gl/qcxk8i. 2) As a part of RTA’s private policy, the owner of the vehicle receives a confirmation code as a text message. 3) The owner of the vehicle enters the received code. 4) The applier, i.e., customer can check all the details of the vehicle. 5) The applier can settle the service fees using a credit card. 6) The applier or customer can get the certificate from the website as well as through the mail.

This service can be only availed if the owner of the vehicle approves the request by sending an SMS containing the code. This is to ensure data privacy. The buyer/customer can get the service number to enter the ‘VIN’ of the car from the RTA and the buyer/customer will be notified whether RTA can provide him with a detailed report on the car history.

With the help of this unique service, the buyer can even get the details of imported used cars for an additional fee.

Source: https://goo.gl/JkpqnW