iPhone, iPad, iPod and will we soon have an iCar?

You might think that you’ve heard it all when it comes to the many Apple rumours, but the latest is the idea that the company is currently working on an Apple Car, or an iCar as it’s sometimes called. The number of rumours about the iCar and the mounting evidence is starting to convince us that maybe an iCar really is being built. Insider sources say that the iCar project has the codename ‘Titan’.


In a recent interview with BBC, Boss of Ford, Mark Fields believes Apple is building a iCar. This comes after the news of Chris Porritt, who is the former Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering being employed by Apple in California. T therefore there is a lot of strong evidence that Apple is building a iCar and is committing serious investments towards an autonomous, tech-centered car.


According to an anonymous source, around 50 former employees of Tesla had been “jumping ship” to work at Apple Headquaters as part of its vehicle development team, and LinkedIn backs up this claim. The new employees specialize in mechanics, manufacturing and robotics. That being said, Telsa has apparently hired about 150 Apple employees, so it sounds like the two companies are in a bit of a war to release the first ‘car of the future’.


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