Introducing the New Face of Elite

From its beginnings in 2013, The Elite Cars has quickly climbed the ladder of automotive success and achieved huge popularity in the market—signifying quality, ethics and a competitive edge within the motor industry.

This is why our goal-orientated managers have decided to launch a rebrand strategy for the company with the introduction of a NEW corporate identity icon. Exciting times!

Bearing a minimalistic design, the letter E in our signature red color stands for ‘Elite’. A diamond, being one of the most precious gemstones that connote luxury and prestige, has also been used as a design element to represent Elite’s luxury products. Encased in black outline, the ‘E’ brings us to the era of recognition and established familiarity.

With the new corporate identity icon now prominently positioned on the company’s website, social media channels and marketing collaterals, the management is confident that The Elite Cars brand will leave a mark in the hearts and minds of its target audience.