You can always count on us when the need for high quality servicing and spare parts & accessories arises. We are supported by our affiliate companies to ensure your safety and satisfaction all throughout your car ownership

Elite International Motors

Elite International Motors, one of our partner companies, specializes in genuine, OEM, and aftermarket spare parts and accessories exclusively for Jaguar and Land Rover. Setting them apart from the competition is their over 100,000 items in stock. Hence, they can meet the demands of even the most discerning customers. They offer their services online, via phone, email or can be visited at their luxurious warehouse in Dubai.

In efforts to expand their horizon and achieve further growth, they export their products to different parts of the world such as China, Russia, GCC (Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain & Oman), MENA, and South Africa.

Elite Motors Services

At The Elite Cars, we don’t just sell cars. Our partner company, Elite Motors Services, offers a range of services including maintenance, repair and valet services. Hence, you will never have to experience the hassle of searching all over Dubai for a reliable car service center that specializes in luxury cars.

Based at the same location as The Elite Cars, you will find Elite Motors Services as a convenient place to have your prized possession serviced or repaired.

Elite Motors Services specializes in the following:

Full Detailing

Painting Service

Complete Auto Service

Mechanical Works

Valeting Services

Car Window Tinting

As a car owner here in Dubai, you know for sure how important window tinting is. Not only does it protect you from excessive heat and harmful UV rays but also increase your privacy, give you more security and enhance your comfort.

Here at Pearl Motors, we value your and your passenger’s safety and comfort. This is why we ensure that you will have a pleasant experience every time you hit the road through providing a reliable and outstanding car window tinting service that conforms to the Federal Traffic Law. Designed to stand the test of time and give you the superior protection you deserve, our genuine, high quality window tinting films are available in different shades to meet your needs.