Dubai to Host Italian Automaker’s Most Powerful Model Yet
When it comes to car speed, Ferrari is the first brand that comes to mind. However, with the 812—the newest iteration of its V12 heritage—the automaker has vaulted past a few speed hurdles. There’s no surprise given that the 812 Superfast is by far the most potent production model to leave the Ferrari factory. The sports car, which clocks the 0-100 kmh in 2.9 seconds and has a maximum speed of 340 kmh), had its first viewing outside of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show—where it was launched last month—in Dubai. Reports say that the first shipments of the 812 Superfast will find their way to UAE showrooms from September. It will be priced anywhere from AED1.26 million, but the cost excludes customization. Given that Al Tayer Motors and Premier represent Ferrari in the country, it is anticipated that the prestigious brand will make an interesting cruise in the country in the latter half of the year in terms of sales volume. According to Dieter Knechtel, CEO for the Far East and Middle East operations, they have a long history with 12 cylinders in this part of the world. He said that the wow effect is there–people have seen the design and the aerodynamics has been enhanced. “This is the big-bang launch for this year. For this region, this is a very important model … and has been long awaited. The interest in the 12-cylinder offering is strong. The 812 is the next logical step now that the F12 Berlinetta is coming to an end. It is a further development in a segment we have been leading.” The CEO added that Dubai is the first market that they have presented the 812 live, noting that the Gulf is a priority due to the heritage for the 12-cylinder. This model also has a touch of poignancy as it could be the final naturally-aspirated V12 to leave the Ferrari factory. Upcoming versions will reportedly have the turbocharger or hybrid support. Source: Buy Ferrari Car Dubai