Cadillac Reconstructs Its Heritage in the Middle East Around the Iconic Escalade

Cadillac fans don’t have anything to worry as their much-loved Escalade will still be around in the American automaker’s vision of how their cars should appear in the future.

According to Christian Soemmer, Managing Director at Cadillac Middle East, the Escalade is still the leading player in their entire portfolio in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. He noted that it’s been such an icon and comes with such brand equity to it. “It remains our biggest seller in the UAE and Saudi Arabia … by a fair margin. And that means it will also carry its weight in any future portfolio.”

Soemmer added that in the USA, it’s the bestselling luxury SUV in that segment and remains their halo car at the end of the day as it carries the halo brand.

“While we are doing a lot brand renaissance and research, the Escalade will always have that place. Escalade’s starting to resonate with women buyers, and it’s a great opportunity to have it with women in Saudi Arabia starting to drive.”

However, in the exterior, the Escalade sports a reworked form and function that buyers will see in the future. The Escala concept car serves as a sneak peek of what the automotive world will witness in the future. Under the hood, this car is powered by a 4.2-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. What’s great is that even the interior features some kind of unique character. Cadillac refers to it as ‘dual-personality’ given the transition from an aluminum-accented front cockpit to a wood-accented rear.

Reports say that the Escala look and feel will soon be spread over upcoming models beginning with the next set of launches.

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