BMW Group Says: We Don’t Rig Any Emissions Test
In the Autobid German magazine, it was reported that the X3 SUV exceeded the European air pollution limit. In response, BMW AG stated that it is far from cheating concerning emission tests. The stock has decreased up to 9.7 percent, in the past 4 years, because of the issue that the luxury car has been involved in the scandal concerning diesel emissions which led the Volkswagen AG’s CEO to resign on Monday. The four wheeled vehicle alternatives to BMW had 11 times emissions than BMW. The test was performed by the International Council on Clean Transportation. This is the same group whose warning was directed to US regulators to find the issue related to Audi diesel powered cars and VW in the lab as well as the testing lab, Autobid stated. The BMW has not rigged or manipulated any emission test. However, the company responded that they perceive the legal requirement in each of the country. Then added, that the BMW are not familiar with the prescribed road test and these are not in any system in their car that responds contrarily to the test that would be run on the road. “Two other observations by ICCT show that BMW X5 SUV and other vehicles owned by BMW obey the legal requirements on the emissions of certain gases which are dangerous for lungs like nitrogen oxides,” BMW explained.

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