Audi Plans To Launch A4-Sized Electric Saloon In 2023

Audi, the leading luxury car manufacturer will introduce an A4 sized electric saloon as a part of their growing range of E-tron models in 2023.

The brand launched its flagship model E-Tron SUV last year along with the sibling car model, the E-tron Sportback which will be going on sale later this year. The company also revealed a Q4 E-tron SUV concept at the recent Geneva motor show which is due in late 2020 in production along with an E-tron GT four door sports cars.

Marc Lichte, Design Boss of Audi said that brand will develop a saloon which will be offered at a similar price to that of the Q4 E-tron. He added that the company will be working on electric SUVs and low floor sporty cars such as the E-tron GT, also known as ‘halo’ car.

In addition to it, he mentioned that they are simultaneously working on an E-tron GT as well. Moreover, the electronic saloon will be built on the PPE architecture which is an electronic platform shared with Porsche. The same platform is also been used on the A6 sized E-tron GT.