Aspiring Drivers in Dubai Now Get Driving Lessons on Luxury Vehicles

As part of the Emirates Driving Institute’s (EDI) platinum course, aspiring drivers in Dubai can now enjoy taking their driving lessons on a Range Rover Vogue and a Mercedes G500.

Unveiled with the two vehicles worth around AED1 million, the course has quickly generated a lot of interest.

Following the debut of the course at the EDI’s head office,  Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, told Gulf News that there is a huge demand for this service, which serves learners from a specific segment of the society, who would ultimately go on to drive luxury cars.

He revealed that he has felt the need for such a service for sometime now because a lot of youngsters go on to drive huge luxury and sports cars right away after getting the license but in reality, they are not ready to handle powerful cars because they are trained in smaller cars. “This course actually prepares them to drive big luxury cars right from the outset.”

Behroozian added that the course provides greater focus to the luxury and convenience of the trainees, but it doesn’t compromise on the quality of training. He noted that just because they make certain formalities easier for the trainees doesn’t mean they would make the training easy. “We have made sure that the compliance with the regulations is absolute. There is no chance of the applicants passing until they are safe and skillful drivers.”

Offered at a cost of AED30,000, covering all expenses until the learners obtain the driving license, the package comes complete with eye test, registration, unlimited number of classes and road tests required.

In accordance with Amer Belhasa, managing director of EDI, the response to the service is already good, with a number of people already joining the course.

Belhasa claimed that the demand for the platinum course is more than anticipated and they are already planning to add more vehicles to the fleet, noting that he got this idea more than five years ago when he saw that a lot of young people who get their driving license are not prepared to handle big cars and a lot of them had to undergo advanced training. He concluded that they are happy to be the first to provide this specialized service.

The luxury package is also said to include pickup and drop-off on the same vehicles from any location in Dubai.

The VIP treatment doesn’t start or end with the luxury cars only, but rather starts with registration and ends with the road test, all carried out on a priority basis, without making the applicants wait on long queues to complete the formalities.

According to Alain Nawfal, chief commercial officer at EDI, they designed this package taking into account a section of the society who want to be treated well and who are willing to pay the cost. “The package takes care of all needs of the applicants in an exclusive manner — right from registration till the road test. We are even ready to conduct the road tests at locations that the applicants are familiar with.”

The course is supported by two luxury SUVs and in the next phase, luxury sports cars will reportedly be added to the fleet.

The average cost of obtaining a driving license in Dubai is anywhere between AED5,000 and AED6,000 depending on the number of classes required and the number of attempts needed to pass the road test.

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